The opening ceremony for AOSIF second phase of the plant.

On the afternoon of March 6th, AOSIF held a grand opening ceremony for the second phase of the plant in his production base located in Changtai economic development zone.

Mr. Wu, General manager, personally announced formally the start commencement of phase II plant.

The management teams set off fireworks and cheered for the commencement ceremony.



The expansion of Phase II plant covers an area of 8828.08 square meters and a building area of 8828.08 square meters.


The workshop will be built A single-layer steel structure to meet the requirements of automatic (intelligent) production workshop for large-scale power generation equipment.


After the completion of the second phase of the plant, it will further improve and expand the production capacity of AOSIF and meet the needs to produce high-end new energy power generation equipment.


—— E N D ——

3.8 To every goddess!

Daughter, wife, mother

There are many "appellations"

in Women's life.

The world is beautiful because of you.

Flower skirt and high-heeled shoes are your preference.

T-shirt and jeans are your favorite

Queen's day or goddess's Day.

Women's festivals should be full of love.

On this special day, AOSIF well prepared A FANTASTIC nut gift box for the goddesses.


AOSIF wishes all females in the world a smooth work, a happy life,healthier body and be more beautiful in 2020!



the Lantern Festival!

Reunion at this moment when Lanterns light up in thousands of families!


Good luck & all the best to all of you!

New Year's day


Merry Christmas! Greetings  from AOSIF!

Novaland Expo DEC‘19

The 126th Vietnam newland Expo was held in Binh Khanh Marina, District 2, Ho ChiMinh City from December 4 to December 8, 2019.


As a long-term partner of Novaland (a well-known group company in Vietnam whose main business involves large-scale real estate, automobile and IT), AOSIF was invited to participate in the Expo jointly with local agents (Booth No.: a16-17).

Over the years, AOSIF has established a good cooperative relationship with Novaland and provided stable and reliable standby power equipment and services for its various projects.

AOSIF's high-quality products are widely welcomed and appreciated by local users. In line with the market development vision of Novaland in 2020, we believe that more and more AOSIF brand gensets will appear in the Vietnamese market.

There were a large number of visitors to our Booth, and our salesmen were giving warm and detailed answers to the guests who came to visit and consult. 


We set out from Vietnam and focus on the world; we inherit the spirit of craftsman and strive for excellence in workmanship, so as to provide customers with excellent products and become the first-class benchmark in the industry.

Thanks For Your Accompanying Us All The Way

Natural knowledge sharing - Xiaoxue

Report from the 126th Canton Fair


On October 15, 2019, the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou.



As an enthusiastic participant in the Canton Fair since its founding, AOSIF attends this comprehensive international trade fair with the longest history, the highest level and the largest scale in China again with booth Number of 3.1g40-42. As a leading brand in the domestic generator set industry, AOSIF presents its Cummins series diesel generator sets (one unit of 31KVA / 60Hz silent type and another 240kw / 50Hz open type) at the venue of the Fair, showing the quality and charm of AOSIF to its new and old friends.







AOSIF attaches great importance to product R & D with innovation and service quality, and therefore provides reliable, cost-effective and industry leading power equipments for global users from standard products to customized product , and then to integrated power station solutions.

During this Fair AOSIF will present its latest technology and capabilities in the industry to global customers, and we believe that AOSIF will once again attract the attentions from new and old businessmen at home and abroad, so that the world will enjoy the style of AOSIF again. In the future, AOSIF will continue to innovate, improve the industry's advanced strength and leadership, and move forward towards the goal of being the top at 1st class brand and global famous brand of generator sets.


There is a custom of climbing high on Double Ninth Festival in ancient times。

Splendid China at the Flourishing age



Greet the National Day


October 1, 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Every fifth and tenth anniversary, there will be different scale celebrations and parades. The most influential and representative parades in history are the founding ceremony, the 5th anniversary, the 10th anniversary, the 35th anniversary, the 50th anniversary and the 60th anniversary.


In 2019,the Celebrated Conference of the founding of the people's Republic of China will be held in October 1 st in Beijing,and President will make an important speech. After the ceremony,a grand parade and mass March will be held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In the past 70 years,the Communist Party of China has led hundreds of millions of Chinese people to pass through bramble & thistle,to travel at double speed with trials and hardships,and to create a magnificent & earth shaking history of new China.


On this day of Grand celebration,AOSIF here wishes all of you a delighted holiday and a happy National Day.

Autumn Equinox

The AOSIF Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet!
Mid-Autumn Festival | The AOSIF Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet and the Second "Passion Cup" Basketball Match!

Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet

“Moon cake gambling” is a unique Mid-Autumn Festival traditional activity in Southern Fujian for hundreds of years.


Not only It is a unique moon cake culture, but also It is the inheritance of history by people in Southern Fujian.




"Passion Cup"

The "Passion Cup" Basketball Match was announced to start by the referee.

The 2nd"Passion Cup" basketball match officially started.






After the award of the basketball match, the main event officially began. The host firstly invited the General Manager Mr.Wu to make a speech for the dinner. While affirming the efforts of all staffs in AOSIF, he also placed higher expectations. Finally, Mr.Wu announced that the activity of Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cake gambling, was officially started.



The exciting event started. Everyone gathered around the table staring at six noisy dices which were thrown into the big bowl set on the middle of table by players, and concentrated on the moment when the dice was released.


Moon cake gambling


Looking at the gifts piled up like mountains on the table, all player exerts their highest strength to joint in the game, the dice rotates and turns. everyone has a champion dream in his heart...Round by round,  the humor when winning the gift, the expectation when losing in the present round, laughter & happiness in the faces, like a family gathering and reunion. It really is a 'Happy Mid-Autumn Festival’ of AOSIF Members.


Champion King


Teacher's Day | Teacher, you worked hard!

Summer heat dissolves, the autumn wind hits, and a holy festival - Teacher's Day has come to the beautiful campus! Some people say that the teacher's life is like a long sentence, the hardship is the attribute, the patience is the adverbial, the enthusiasm is the complement; the selflessness is the predicate, the devotion is the object; others say that the teacher's life is like a radical sign, stacks of homework has opened countless squares for her youth.


And I want to say: "Teachers like lilies, a flower while unfolding, a fruit when condensed!" ,“Teachers like a Morning Star, a guiding lamp in the distance and a flame in the near!”.


AOSIF hereby blesses all teachers, A Happy Teacher's Day!

August 7th is the Chinese Valentine's Day!



The August 1st Chinese Liberation Army Day !


Season Greetings from AOSIF


Today is Great Heat, the 12th term of the 24th solar terms in Chinese lunar calendar. It is the

hottest time in most parts of China every year.

Don't forget to make up yourselves by taking extra nourishment in the hottest summer days

Prevention of heatstroke by protecting yourselves from sunshine and relieving heat.



Report from 12th Vietnam International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition


Vietnam International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition shorter form as "VIETNAM ETE" is a professional exhibition held by Vietnamese electric power industry once every year with the support of the government since 2008.  This year it was held in Ho Chi Minh City, an economically developed city in Vietnam from July 17 to 20, 2019, and quite many of well-known enterprises around the world participated in this event.



Exhibition State

As a well-known brand in Vietnam’s market, AOSIF participated in this event in cooperation with local agent in Vietnam @ booth number of 89.90, displaying the hot sale product - 200 KVA prime power genset powered by Cummins engine model 6CTAA8.3G2.

This is an industry feast, but also a harvest trip. During the exhibition, the AOFIS Stand attracted attentions from various visitors extensively. Our Staffs on-site had conducted in-depth communication and exchanged views with visitor(customer)s around power solutions, product characteristics and practical applications, which has won the high recognition of customers.





AOSIF has come all the way with and always adhered to the spirit of Ardor, Obligation, Sincerity, Innovation and friendship, and has left the image of progress in every international exhibitions. Meanwhile the world also see the unique and simple design, the professional team, high quality products and multi-professional power system solutions from AOSIF.


Fire Drill


In Summer and winter seasons, the weather is windy and dry, which is the high incidence of fire. There are more combustibles and fire sources in industrial & residential use of power, and various possible factors of fire are existing & increasing there in factory.  In order to improve the awareness of fire prevention, popularize fire knowledge, master the knowledge and skills of fire escape and self-rescue, and effectively prevent all kinds of fire accidents, AOSIF organized a fire drill in Changtai factory on the afternoon of June 27, 2019.


At 4:00 p.m., as the fire alarm sounded, all staff on duty quickly and orderly evacuated to the safety zone in front of the factory along the safety designated escape route according to the emergency plan. The whole process took only 2 minutes and the drill was achieved in safe, fast and orderly.

Fire knowledge field popularizing and explanation of fire extinguisher using

Common methods of using fire extinguishers:

1. Turn the bottle upside down several times before use to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder, and then remove the lead seal.

2. Pull out the safety lock pin.

3. Hold the spraying hose in your left hand.

4. Hold the press handle in your right hand.

5. At about two meters away from the flame, press down the handle with your right hand, swing the hose with your left hand, and spray dry powder over the burning area until the fire is completely extinguished.









The fire drill let all people know more about fire safety knowledge, made the use of fire extinguishing devices clearer, and improved their ability to deal with emergencies. At the same time, it strengthened the construction of four abilities of fire safety (the ability of checking and eliminating hidden fire hazards, the ability of organizing fire fighting at the beginning, the ability of organizing evacuation of personnel and the ability of fire propaganda, education and training).


Fire safety work is always in the ongoing state. AOSIF is setting up a real sense of safety to prevent all kind of dangers and to protect factory fire safety to realize the combination of prevention and control by the daily factory management with full efforts. 


Review of Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019

On June 12-14, Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019 was held in Binh Duong, a key industrial town in Vietnam. This Fair, an annual exhibition of industrial products, has become one of the most influential exhibitions in Vietnam industrial field. Both of its scale and influence are increasing day by day, and covering the whole Southeast Asia areas.

As a well-known brand in Vietnam’s market, AOSIF appears again on the exhibition in cooperation with local agents in Vietnam with booth number of A131, showing our main product - 200 KVA prime unit powered by Cummins 6CTAA8.3G2 engine coupling with Leroy Somer LSA46.3S3 alternator. To provide continuous and stable power guarantee for the majority of users.



Following the philosophy of "High-quality & high-efficiency", AOSIF products have been received well reputation, and once again in this Fair it has attracted many businesspeople to stop at the booth and negotiate for cooperation.







Concentrated on the R&D and manufacturing of generator sets, AOSIF has been continuously committed to build the high-quality power equipment and power solutions for his customers to meet their maximum market demand. Focusing on the world-wide, to build an international brand, and to create value for customers are the constant commitment and eternal pursuit of all the AOSIF people. 

Love on Father's Day


Love on Father's Day,
Not good at words to express, but all the most beautiful languages in the world is hidden  in your action!


May everything be fine for you in Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival comes in midsummer, and the daytime is getting better & longer.

This year's Dragon Boat Festival, at the same time, it is also an important day for many students to take the national college entrance examination.

AOSIF hereby wishes you all the best and Peace & Health in Dragon Boat Festival!

Dragon Boat Festival, the fifth day of May according to Chinese lunar calendar, is the first non-heritage festival in the world selected from China. Since ancient times, there are activities like dragon boat competition, making and eating ZONGZI (a food used sticky rice wrapped by Bamboo leaf) during the Festival.


Particularly, “Zongzi” has become a traditional food prepared for every family during the Dragon Boat Festival.


On the occasion of Festival, AOSIF sincerely presents the customerized-made Zongzi and soft drinks to all employees.







Looking back on the history of company's development, from winter to summer, all of you have always worked hard and dedicated so much to write a new chapter for the development of company. On this occasion, AOSIF wants to say Thanks to you all as each achievement we made is condensated with your sweat, wisdom and hard working.



1. Sticky rice should not be eaten too much at one time.

2. Sticky rice food should be eaten after heating. Cold Sticky rice food is not only hard, but also no easy to digest.

3. [Sticky rice with chicken] will causes gastrointestinal discomfort; [Sticky rice with apple] produces non-digestible substances; [Sticky rice with egg white] reduces nutritional value.

Event Review | Aosif Management Team visited LeroySomer!


On May 15, 2019, Aosif Management Team, led by the General Manager, composing of Manufacturing, Purchasing and Technical departments paid a visit to LeroySomer (Fuzhou) Generator Co., Ltd.



Shi Yu, general manager of LeroySomer, personally guided the Aosif team visiting the factory and introduced the online products, production lines and manufacturing processes in detail.



After site visit, the two sides held a meeting in-depth discussions and exchanged views in the conference room.


(1) Director Jiang, Senior Operations Director of LeroySomer, gave an general introduction of the company and products as well.


(2) Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Que, introduced the organizational structure of Tech-department, and elaborated on three aspects of design: 1. customers; 2. manufacturing; 3. suppliers;


During talking, Chief production Director, Mr. Chen, and all department managers attended communication and exchanging views on product design and production technology with them; 



(3) Manager Li, from Production Department of LeroySomer made some exchanges on production indicators, cross-sectoral collaboration and other issues with all attendees from Aosif mainly on production aspects like scheduling and emergency order coordination.


(4) Manager Wei, from Quality Control Dept. shared the experience in QC of the factory.



There were a deeply communication and exchange of views on quality, design, production indicators, cross-sectoral collaboration, production scheduling, coordination for production of emergency order, etc. throughout the meeting from both sides. LeroySomer had shared their management experience and precipitated corporate culture, from which Aosif had learned valuable experience and has broadened the ideas in working. 

Through this visit, we believe that it has provided a good reference to the lean manufacturing and improving of the enterprise management system which Aosif is pursuing now.  We also believe that Aosif will be able to grow up into a benchmark enterprise in the industry with the help of international famous suppliers such as LeroySomer.


Mother's Day | AOSIF wishes all mothers a happy Mother's Day!

There is a word, the most warm.

There is a word, the most grateful.

There is a word that reminds me of warmth.

There is a word that arouses love.

That's Mom.

Before meeting you

Mom was still the child who was doted by her mother.

Mom's youth is not stolen by Time, but

By You


On this special festival

You can tell her

You're already a man to be her hero on this earth.

You can tell her

You've changed from a cotton jacket to a bullet-proof vest,and 

To be able to protect her all her life.

If today you are together with your mother, then accompany by her side and do a few warm-hearted things for her that you wanted to do but haven't done for a long time.


If you can not meet your mother on such a special day, please use whatever way you can to tell her that Mom, Take good care of yourself, Mom I love you...




Best Wishes from AOSIF

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!

May all mothers enjoy their beautiful life every day with healthy & smile.


Labors’ Day | AOSIF salutes to workers all over the world!

From the three-foot platform, there is the figure of teacher.

Take care of your healthy and rescue the life, there is a doctor's sweat.

Rice & vegetables for Three meals, delicious food in restaurants,

Skyscraper, fancy cloth & float, and frontier defending,

There are farmers, cooks, workers, soldiers...

They are from different fields But there is a common name for them.


They are working hard in every corner of China,

explaining the duty with their hands,

holding up the responsibilities with their shoulders,

dedicating with their conscience,

and describing life with their sweat.


AOSIF laborer






Even if the tightness of a screw or the straightness of a copper pipe , every details can't go wrong.

We will never relax, because we know that quality not only concerns the lives of consumers, but the life of AOSIF as well.

—— Production Dept


Who says that the generator set can't be a Artwork?

—— Designer


Being used to telling the truth, operating with good faith, Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.     

—— Sales Team 

best wishes

# Work is the most glorious#

In such festival belongs to labors

AOSIF wishes all of you

Happy holidays!


AOSIF is waiting for you at the 125th Canton Fair!

On April 15, the 125th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair") opened at Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most variety of commodities, the largest number of visitors and the best trading effect in China.

Our stand is located at the exhibition area of the Power and Electricity Equipment with the booth number of 3.1G40-42. As one of the permanent exhibitors of the Fairs, AOSIF has received a steady stream of customers, and will serve you with an ingenious and refined heart.









AOSIF has been moving towards innovation for change, seeking new comprehensive competitiveness in product development and other aspects, building a strong R&D team at home, improving product quality for market, and strengthening to form an after-sales service team.

This time AOSIF displays three models of products in the exhibition with beautiful in appearance and excellent in quality, which have attracted and caught the eyes of many visitors from abroad,  brought new surprises to exhibitors at home and abroad, and totally demonstrated AOSIF's unremitting pursuit.


AOSIF has established a long-term brand development strategy. Through the Canton Fair, we have fully demonstrated our lean manufacturing ability and high-quality brand charm. Thank you to the customers who have always supported and loved AOSIF. Thanks a lot to AOSIF's marketing team for their solidarity and cohesion. Thanks to all AOSIF's colleagues for their silent efforts and hard working. Goodbye and see you in next Fair!


Recall in the Qing Ming festival in memory of our ancestors!

Qingming Festival, also known as March Festival, ancestor worship Festival, is at the turn of mid-spring and late spring. The Qingming Festival has two connotations of nature and humanity. It is not only a natural solar point, but also a traditional festival in China. Qingming is not only a solemn festival for grave sweeping and ancestor sacrificing, but also a joyous festival for people to get close to nature, travel in the Qingming and enjoy the joy of spring.


Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has had the custom of traveling in the Qingming Festival. In ancient times, traveling in spring was called exploring spring, seeking spring and so on. It was a spring outing, also known as "traveling in spring". This kind of festival folk custom activity has a long history in China and its source is the spring custom of ancient farming and sacrifice.


Warm reminder


1.With the diet to clear away heat and nourishing the weaker force.

Regular and quantitative, salt limitation, potassium supplement, eat more vegetables and fruits, in order to prevent heat. Eat more food with the function of soothe the liver and nourish the lung.


2.Don't be too sad

Spring is a period of high incidence of many kinds of mental illness, coupled with tomb sweeping in the Qingming, it is easy to make people depressed, and induce mental illness.


3.Dressing according to the weather

According to climate change, clothes should be added or reduced at any time, and attention should be paid to cold and warm protection, so as to help the human body health.








Everything is up to you On 3.8, Goddess or Queens!



the holiday belongs to women all over the world is coming again.
On this special day, 
Need a sense of ritual
Feel the temperature of life
We happily celebrate the holiday, enjoy the good time and life.
AOSIF present you, all the goddesses, a beautiful little gifts, as well as an amazing half-day leisure time.




At this moment, whether you are a mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend...
Whoever you are and where you are,
You are the most beautiful colors in the world.
Fortunately for you.
Yes, you are goddess.








Let's go together.
Enjoy a whole afternoon vacation
With the way you like
Bring your sweethearts
Take good care of your unique self!
May you be your own little sun
Be embraced gently with the world




AOSIF wishes all female compatriots in the world: Forever young, peace & health, and happy holidays!



Happy Lantern Festival!





Happy  Valentines Day



Happy Spring Festival




Report on the 18th Anniversary Celebration


Overall Scene





Annual summary and 2019 plan


Mr. Wu Zhen, General Manager, summarized the problems and achievements in 2018 and gave clear instructions for the general plan of 2019. Among them, 131 performance doubled and 100day fighting activities were affirmed; According to the company's future planning in 2019, the focus of 2019 is to sort out the organizational structure, improve various training systems and salary system.





Signing ceremony


The signing ceremony was completed by 14 managers, together with the general manager and the deputy general manager. Every manager's signature on the target responsibility plan for 2019 is a promise to himself for the whole year ahead. It is a responsibilities, it is a tasks. Everyone’s commitment is a spur to himself, and we are willing to shoulder this responsibility and go all the way with AOSIF.



Award ceremony


More than a dozen of awards are set, such as the sales champion, excellent employees, excellent teams, excellent managers and so on in 2018.One work, one harvest. Your efforts can be seen, and it is the time now to gain the harvest, the biggest affirmation on your work.


Three, five, eight and ten years of loyal accompanionship have brought us closer together. In the future, we are bound to work harder and to create brilliance together!













Happy Birthday to AOSIF


At 6pm, AOSIF ushered in an 18th birthday cake.

This time, special Guest, Sales Director Yu and sales manager Lai from CCEC were invited to celebrate the 18th birthday together with us. For more than a decade, Aosif has established a deep strategic partnership with Cummins, and in 2019 Aosif will work together to create new achievements with Cummins as well!




Dinner Begins


Everyone is enjoying the feast after the dinner officially begins, and a wonderful singing from staffs starts.


One of the links is the golden egg smashing activity. In this activity, the host prepared 30 questions about corporate culture, and the employees who race the chance to answer a question correctly, could get a chance to smash the golden eggs to win the award. Those who answer incorrectly are fined a glass of wine. On the spot, everyone is enthusiastic about signing up. In the games, not only the attendants got gifts, but everyone deeply got to know and understand the corporate culture of AOSIF.


Let's raise our glasses and toast together to a bright future!





After 18 years of tempering, Aosif has already faded its delicate and Immature, and opened a new round of baptism. Thanks to the efforts made by all the staff in the past 18 years, which has brought about Aosif's present. Tomorrow you will be proud of joining Aosif today, because Aosif has been providing the most high quality emergency power to all places where it is needed with most complete service and low price.


Happy 18th birthday


 2019 Happy New Year




Merry Christmas





Thankgiving Day!



AOSIF attends the Egyptian International Electricity Exhibition


Exhibition: Egypt international Electricity, lighting and New Energy Exhibition

Time: 17-19 November 2018

Cycle: one year, one session

Place: Cairo International Exhibition Center, Egypt.

The Egypt International Electricity, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition (ELECTRICX & Solar-TEC), which was first held in 1990, once a year, so far has successfully held 26 sessions. This year it will be held on 17-19 November at the Cairo International Exhibition Centre, Egypt.


The exhibition, covering an area of about 20,000 square meters this year, brought together 100 enterprises and 14,000 participants from more than 20 countries and regions, among them there are the world's major power companies, electricity and electrical equipment suppliers.






AOSIF is a manufacturer dedicated to the production and R&D of diesel generating sets. It has delivered 30,000 generating sets to hundreds of countries around the world. Its perfect service system and production guarantee system brings the qualified products to meet the power requirement to customers. AOSIF adheres always to the production concept of "To be global famous brand & to create industry benchmarks", to the quality concept of "Striving for excellence by constant improvement to achieve maximum customers’ satisfaction", and therefore provides a continuous source of electricity for global construction with its sustained development and innovation.


Perfect service system

To provide a full range of pre-sales technical support and services for customers to purchase most suitable products

Fully understand the needs of customers

Help customers to choose the right model

Help customers to choose the right matching equipments & facilities

Help customers to finalize the solution of water, electricity, gas, oil and others etc.


To provide thoughtful and timely after-sales support and services to our customers for the correct use of our products.

hour hotline

On-site technical guidance, installation and commissioning assistance

Operational guidance and maintenance training

Adequate store of spare parts

Regular users’ return visit


Perfect production & quality control system

Modern enterprise management ensures safe production and delivers qualified products to customers on time


High-Efficient operation of production systems

Reasonable and scientific process flow

Reasonable engine and generator inventory


Certificate of quality system


-ISO9001 certification

-ISO14001 certification










Egypt, a country full of possibilities. AOSIF will surely provide Egypt and its surrounding areas with an additional share of security in electricity supply and professional demand for power solution services, provide the due market with the minimum budget to achieve maximum power equipment support/service. We have never ceased to improve ourselves and help others’ grow.


 Beginning date of Winter season



The tech team from CCEC visited AOSIF - Holding a product exchange meeting.

In this trip, the technical team from CCEC visited the AOSIF at the production base mainly to discuss and exchange views on the problems of Cummins products that really appear in the process of production.


The MEETING was held in the conference room. First of all, a warm welcome was given to the technical team from CCEC. During the meeting, Xie Shuilin, our production manager, put forward some problems that really appear in the process of production, and technicians from both sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on these issues.



The live discussion was overwhelming and all questions raised by our technicians were answered one by one.  The perfect products can only be created subject to the sincere cooperation with each other.


Except exchanging views of problems that may arise in the production process, Engineers from CCEC also give detailed instructions of engines on N series, K19 series, K38 series and K50 series, as well as maintenance considerations.





In the workshop site, the technical engineers from CCEC also patiently answered all the questions relating to the problems that encountered or may arise during the operation of the engine. They pointed out, “besides the reasonable design of the product itself, the professionalism of the users also determines the stability, durability and safety of the product; Only when the two combining together, then the equipment can be fully, safely and effectively operated. This is something that everyone needs to pay attention to”. All on-site technicians agree!



Finally, thanks to the Technical Team from CCEC for the support to AOSIF.  The growth of AOSIF is inseparable from the joint efforts of both sides. Quality is the life of every enterprise, AOSIF adheres to his mission, behind each product represents the best pursuit of AOSIF people.


AOSIF is here @ the 124 session of Canton Fair!

Fair:124th Canton Fair

Add:Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou.

Date: October 15th to 19th

Booth No.:3.1G40、3.1G41、3.1G42


From October 15th to 19th, the PhaseOne of the 124th Canton Fair is being held at the Pazhou InternationalConvention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou.


The total exhibition area of this session is 1185,000 square meters, with a total of 60,645 booths and 25,583 enterprises both at home and abroad.


AOSIF starts to participate in the Canton Fair from the 111st session in 2012, and has successfully taken part in 13 sessions since. As an old friend of the Canton Fair, AOSIF, this time as scheduled, presents to you at the booth No. 3.1G40, 3.1G41 and 3.1G42 located in A District.


AOSIF, pursuing constant quality, having professional staffs, and offering thoughtful service, has stood out among the exhibitors and are highly praised by the customers in this exhibition.







In addition to providing corporate video and related information to visitors, AOSIF also presents a prototype of 100 KVA sound proof type generator set, which is the perfect matching of Cummins engine and Leroy-somer alternator.

100KVA canopy type generator set




The Chinese red canopy is not only representing the enterprise color of AOSIF, but meaning the booming life as well.


200KW open type generator set



630A ATS(automatic switchgear)

“The Canton Fair”, as the longest, largest, best reputated and comprehensive international trade fair in China, provides a ideal communication and trading platform for sellers and buyers both at home and abroad.


As a professional generator set manufacturer, AOSIF has been committed itself to the product development & innovation, and service improvement. From the 111th session till today, the Canton Fair has witnessed every step of AOSIF's growth.

AOSIF here makes an appointment with you, we will meet you there at the 125th session of “Canton Fair”!





Bureau Veritas is a global famous Group in International inspection and certification. Since 2013, AOSIF all pass BV assessment and certification annually,


In Oct.2018, BV group came to AOSIF again for field inspection and certification.The schedule was divided into two days, first day was for the Video Shooting, and the second day was for the on-site report certification.



AOSIF International Marketing Center is located in Software Park Phase 3, Jimei, Xiamen City, Fujian Province. The marketing center moved here in 2017.


The first stop Video Shooting was for the whole view of the International Marketing Center. At present there are 50 staffs working here, including the strong Sales Team and Technical Service & Support Team, who play an important role in AOSIF’s continuous development and improvement.



AOSIF manufacturing base covers an area of 50 acres, located in Changtai economic and development zone.

The second stop Video Shooting was mainly about the plant environment and manufacturing facilities. The clean & tidy workshop, strict production procedure, standardized and professional workers, all of which are not afraid of 360 degree full-angle certification shooting.


Besides the enterprise basic information audit, BV also strictly inspect the production procedure, and forcus on assessment of the whole process of the Incoming materials, metal plate processing, genset assembling and testing etc.









We never stop development during the years we invited BV for certification. Factory inspection and evaluation is not only to assess the overall strength of suppliers and then to provide credibility for overseas buyers, but also a spur to us. Only the company with excellent sales team, professional technical support, strong production capacity, complete supply chain can not be eliminated by the times. To complete our mission. We have been working hard all the time!



Happy  National Day!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival— Mooncake Gambling Dinner At AOSIF

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. Every year of this time, AOSIF will host a special mooncake gambling dinner for staff.  Mooncake gambling is a unique Mid-Autumn Festival traditional activity in southern Fujian, which originated in the early Qing Dynasty. It is a unique moon cake culture and a heritage of history.



The dinner was took place at the AOSIF basketball court. The exceptionally good cooks were invited to cook the dinner in our canteen. We shared the dinner with our colleagues like a big family.


When mooncake gambling started, everyone has been unable to restrain excitement and wish to win the good luck. The basketball court was full of the pleasant silvery sound of the dice rolling and cheers of winning.






The lucky player who gets the pips to make it the title of "Zhuangyuan", will be the biggest winner in the game. The 18 "Zhuangyuan" not only had the luck to win the generous gifts, but also it represents a year of good luck. The have to drink a full bottle of beer to get the bonus, which is the tradition of AOSIF.


The one who finishes the beer firstly will get an extra red packet. The prize is so generous that no one will give in. It was a lively affair.





After the mooncake gambling finished, we started to share the delicious food in the dinner like a family. After the dinner, every one left with the presents and satisfactions.



It was a good way to thanks for the staff by the mooncake gambling dinner. AOSIF may you have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 




Electric & Power Vietnam 2018

Started from 2006, Electric & Power Vietnam 2018 returns for its 7th edition as the leading power generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy exhibition in Vietnam. The exhibition happens at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) from 12 – 14 September 2018.



This year’s event attracts more than 300 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, together with the strong presence of 7 international country and region groups from China, Germany, Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey. Compared with 151 exhibitors in 2016, the scale is almost doubled. The exhibition attracted an audience of more than 6000 trade visitors. ABB held a professional technical seminar to make technical exchange more closely in the exhibition.




It has been ten years since AOSIF took part in the exhibition from 2008. As a pioneer in genset from China, AOSIF return to Electric & Power Vietnam. We attended Electric & Power Vietnam 2012. 



Out booth number is A19, in the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC). This time, AOSIF brought its main Product- diesel generator set powered by Cummins engine. AOSIF products have a good reputation because its high quality from genuine materials and craftsmanship. The genset attracted many visitors to enquiry the details. We met some old friends in this event, too. It was a fantastic and successful event.




With enterprise concept: ardour, obligation, sincerity, innovation, friendship, AOSIF have come a long way. We have a dream: let the world know AOSIF and AOSIF products can be found everywhere in the world. Now, AOSIF are fighting for this dream.



The generator Controllers Exchange&Training for ComAp


As invited, Jones Engineering Ltd,the general agent of ComAp engine controllers, held a exchange&trainingabout the generator controllers of ComAp in Aosif. The sales team of Aosif,about 20 people took part in the conference.


As a leader of the controllers,ComAp is in the front frank in the innovation. Mr. Zhong, the engineer fromJones, introduced the development history of the company, and the headquarterof ComAp. Moreover, he gave an in-depth presentation and explanation of theproducts.


Besidesthe traditional controllers, they brought their new controller with new technology– InteliLite 9 IL3-AMF9, whichhas:


5languages in the controller


Good universality

Meet therequirements: mains failure detection, manual&auto star, Plug-in moduleconcept for more capabilities

With it,more functions, more easy-operating


Mr. Zhong made a specialintroduction for the InteliLite 9, including its appearance, hardwares, newfunctions, and the difference of various models. After his introduction, wehave good impression and understanding about the products. After that, we mad aexchange deeply. The exchange&training was concluded successfully. 



 With it, we have betterunderstanding of the selection and application of ComAp controllers. It willhelp us to improve our ability and service, to meet higher requirements fromour customers.


131 Performance Multiplied Action”Successfully Concluded


131 celebration meeting


The 131(from April 1st to August 9th) activity of “redouble achievement in sale” has harvested a fruitful results under the joint participation and common effort of all AOSIF employees. At the end of this event, in thanks to  all employees for their hard work and dedication, AOSIF held a grand "131 Victory ceremony" on August 11, 2018. The celebration were divided into three parts.

1.131 performance multiplied review & commendation conference 

2.Passion Cup basketball game 

3.barbecue beer night.

The 131 performance multiplied review & commendation conference  was held in the meeting room, 3rd floor of Changtai factory. The Participants included all sales, and the deparment managers and above, assistant manager of Production Department, wrokshop director, the staffs of Marketing Service Department. The sales manager and the regional sales manager made a review and summary to the 131 perfermance. Each of them is sure that the 131 action is good to the performance achievement and teamwork and coordination, and hope there will be more actions like it in the future. After that, the award ceremony took place. The prizes include: 131 Sales Champion, 131 Personal Achievement Award, 131 Best Newcomer Award, 131 Best Development Award, 131 Excellent Performance Award the Best Team Award. In the end, Mr.Wu affirmed the 131 achievements, and also made an important points on the annual perfermance goals: a series of meausres will be took to support to achieve the goal, we must achieve the annual goal, and everone must continue without let-up but with courageous.





The first “Passion Cup”basketball game was held in the basketball court in Changtai. The marketing team leaded by Lu Weiping fight with the Support team leaded by Zhuang Liquan. The game began with a loud whistle at 17:50. The game was very exciting. The palyers attacked positively and defended closely, perfect cooperation, and clever steal to make the competition into most intense time to time. The audience cheered for their teams and warmly applauded the excellent performance of the players. Everyone was attracted by the charm of basketball. The marketing team won the champion after four rounds of competition. With this competition, we felt the employess from AOSIF with passion and enthusiasm, and made a good foundation for the basketball game in the future.




A barbecue beer dinner was held in the factory in the evening. Plates of delicious barbecues, seafood, fruits brought us a relaxed and pleasant warmth. With the games going on, the atmosphere was very exciting.


The 131 performance multiplied action ended, but the dream is still going on. Let’s continue to move forard to the goals and make contributions to the future of AOSIF.


IEEEP FAIR2018 In Pakistan

    We attended the IEEEP FAIR2018, the 9th Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industrial Exhibition in Pakistan from July 31 to August 2, 2018. This fair was in Trade Development Authority of Pakistan 3rd Floor, Block A Finane & Trade Center, P.O Box No.1293, Shah rah –E-Faisal, Karachi 75200 Pakistan.

    The fair is organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Pakistan (IEEEP). This fair is one of the biggest Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industrial Exhibition in Pakistan, show-casing a large collection of industrial merchandise and service products, including Power Generation Equipment & Services, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Control Systems, Energy Conservation, Renewable and Alternative Energy Technology etc. The exhibition has a good performance and a lot of professional audience. The total exhibition scale has been expanded from the first 2000 square meters to 19000 square meters. In 2017, the exhibitor including the famous enterprises like ABB, SIEMENS, Schneider and so on.

    Our booth number is Hall 3 C131C. Most of the visitors are from Pakistan to the exhibition. The staffs warmly and patiently introduced the products to the visitors. The visitors expressed their appreciations to our high quality products, rigorous and pragmatic spirit, immediate work style. The good news is some visitors planned to visit our factory for further cooperation after the exhibition.

    With the fine reputation and good quality in overseas, AOSIF has confidence and ability to raise the makret share for its products. With this exhibition, there will be more overseas customers have an idea about AOSIF’s products.


Fire Drill – End The Potentially Dangerous

In July 17, 2018, in order to make all employees understand the basic knowledge of the fire fighting, improve their awareness of safety, enhance their ability to protect themselves, grasp the contingency and escape skills for the sudden fire, learn to extinguish the fire as well as orderly conduct the evacuation of personnel and property, ensure the safety of employees' life , and the safety of the public property, a fire drill was organized in a real battle by our company.

The whole staff fire drill was headed by Zhuang LiQuan, the Manager of quality control department of the company. He was responsible for the organization and command of fire drill. Associate Conductor: Xie Shui Lin, coordinative work leader: Huang Zhanming, safety director: Han Qingshuang. And two professional emergency teams were available, too.

At 8:30 am to 9:30 am , a special conference on fire drill was held to instruct and convey emergency drills. Fire safety knowledge and practical training for relevant personnel were carried out, and detailed arrangements for fire drill were carried out in the afternoon. At 10:00 am, Huang Zhanming , the coordinator , inspected the warehouse fire equipment and supplies, and reported to fire drill command center.

At 15:50 , someone found a fire in the company, immediately checked and reported the quality control department. The quality control department immediately reported the commander-in-chief of the fire control command center, and the commander-in-chief to start the emergency rescue instructions and notify all the volunteer fire crew to gather in the vicinity of the fire alarm for emergency treatment.

After the warning signal was issued, the members of the leading group, the professional group and the fire brigade arrived in the scene to organize the rescue work in five minutes, and reported to the commander-in-chief about the situation of personnel in place. They followed the order given by the commander-in-chief.

The commander-in-chief looked at the fire situation at the scene to determine the emergency rating. At that time, the fire was relatively small, and the volunteer fire brigade organized its own personnel to put off the fire. (if a big wind is coming suddenly, the fire is getting bigger, the commander-in-chief immediately ask the fire brigade to evacuate, it is more difficult to extinguish the fire by ourselves, immediately call 119 alarm calls, and try our best to carry out fire rescue).

Through the fire drill, the security awareness and fire extinguishing ability of the people who participated in the fire drill were enhanced. All the staff of AOSIF had a further understanding of the common sense of fire safety, and the ability to combat the fire was improved. During the fire drill,  the organizing ability, command ability and contingency ability of each drill team were  impoved , too.


The Meeting for Sales Examination&Award And Half Year Summary –Dreams Move On

2018 Half a year summary


      The meeting for sales examination&award and half year summary was held in the meeting room of Xiamen office at 2:00 PM, July 13, 2018. The meeting was presided over by Wu Zhen, the general manager of the company.The whole sales staff attened it.     

      The meeting began with the Song of AOSIF (walk together). Thank you very much for these years,under the leadership of Mr.Wu, we are in AOSIF hand in hand to walk together to the target. Afer then, through the sales performance analysis table (2017.2018 year comparison), we learned about the achievement of our performance in the past six months (the completion rate of the year 2018 performance is 42%, and the immediate completion rate is 83%). The first half of this year is better than the first half of last year. Mr.Wu affirmed the hard work of everyone and he required that in the second half of the year, we will make persistent efforts to achieve the company's performance goals.

      The monthly sales prize presentation came after that, the monthly sales champion, the best development award, the breakthrough award, the million champion, the team champion were awarded in turn. The applause continues... The award is rewarded with a kind of encouragement to other people. We wish everyone in AOSIF will work together to achieve self value.

      The half of the year passed. In the second half of the year, AOSIF will strive to achieve this year's performance goals and create industry model, to provide the source of power for human construction.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Invitation Letter for IEEEP FAIR 2018 in Pakistan

We sincerely invite you to visit us at the IEEEP FAIR 2018Industrial Electrical and Electronics Exhibition of Pakistan in Karchi Expo centre, Pakistan. We are willing to change our innovative ideas and solutions about the generator sets with you in this exhibition. Our information about this event is as follows:

Exhibition Name: IEEEP FAIR 2018

Booth Number: Hall 3 C131C

Date: 31 July – 2 August, 2018

Address: Trade Development Authority of Pakistan 3rd Floor, Block A Finane & Trade Center, P.O Box No.1293, Shah rah –E-Faisal, Karachi 75200 Pakistan.

Welcome to visit us for further cooperation.


Best Regards,



AOSIF May You The Best Of Health In Dragon Boat Festival

Everyday, busy lives and busy working

Do you stop the footsteps to enjoy the wonderful surrounding scenes;

Do you stop your work to listen to the nice music;

Are you on your journey to listen to your parents’talk happily;

At the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, here AOSIF reminds you “After the busy, cherish the present, feel the good”


Like the song sings”Fifth is the son of DuanYang,artemsia argyi incense, incense full. Eat Zhongzi, covered by the with sugar, Dragon-boat Racing, full of happiness ”

A lot of activities in the Dragon Boat Festival. It is full of happiness.  


      AOSIF gaved each employee a good blessings, too (Zongzi and drinks were received by the employees). We may all will be warm in the stomach and sweet in mind when eating zongzi and drinking drinks.


131 Kick Off Meeting-Let The Dream Set Sail

      “131 kick off meeting”was held in the training room of Changtai factory in the morning of April 23, 2018. The Participants included all the deparment managers and above, assistant manager of Production Department, wrokshop director, all internel trade sales and internatioal trade sales,all staffs of Marketing Service Department.

      Mr. Lu, the manager of Marketing Dpartment, presided over the meeting. He explained the meaning of “131”: “that is to double the performance in 131 days”, also the purpose of the contents of 131. Then, it came to the calling of general manager: Mr.Wu reviewed the history of AOSIF(the process and the turning point of AOSIF in the 17 years), reflected the existing problems, combined the current situation, presented the development solutions for AOSIF(the rapid development is must), the goal( the sales scale is over 1 billion), the vision(the world famous brand, to create industry benchmarks). The incentive policy is the rewards will be double if the 131 target achieved. All the sales are ready and with full confidence to reache the goal. The meeting ended with everyone's singing and applause.


      The"131 kick off meeting" ended, but the dream just set sail. We all believe that we will be fearless and without the afraid of defeat to contribute to the tomorrow of AOSIF, under leadship of Mr. Wu. We believe that the tomorrow of AOSIF will be more brilliant.





Canton Fair-Let AOSIF Be Focused By The World Again

      China import and export fair, also known as the canton fair, first fair was held in the spring of 1957, to be held in spring and autumn in Guangzhou every year, it is recognized as china’s longest history, largest scale, and the most complete variety of commodities, the largest number of purchaser and the most widely distributed countries, a comprehensive international trade event with the best turnover and best reputation.

    AOSIF has been invited to the first phase of the 123rd Canton fair in spring. This exhibition was held at china import and export exhibition hall (No.380 middle Yuejiang Rd, Haizhu district, Guangzhou City) on April 15th-19th,2018.

The exact location for AOSIF was located in heavy duty machinery hall 3.1 K41-43, this exhibition has attracted customer from all over China to visit and consults. Our staffs cordial welcome and patiently explained AOSIF products. Customers satisfied the quality of AOSIF products, and exchanged contact information with AOSIF staffs, also expressed their wellings to cooperate with AOSIF. Many clients has contacted us for terms and conditions of contract, and some of them are welling to be agent of AOSIF. 

      As a professional Generator set manufacturer, the Vision of AOSIF is “The world’s famous brand, establish industry benchmark”, hold with “continuous improvement”, “striving for excellence”, “reach maximum customer satisfaction” quality idea, unstoppable creative improvement, for establishment of human being, provide the source of electricity. 

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